Wow! Where do i start with this book? I’m so glad I read it, and i actually came across it by total accident. One day, i was searching online good books to read, and i came across A Fall of Marigolds and decided to check it out from my library.

All in all, i love the book. I was drawn to it right from the start, the characters are easy to relate to. The story revolves around two women, one suffering the aftermath of 9/11 and the other affected by the Triangle waist factory fire.  The two characters, Clara and Taryn, although appear to be different, are woven together by the scarf of marigold print. Both have suffered tragedies and lost their loved ones as a result of it.

As the story develops, so do the characters. Personally, I enjoyed Clara’s story more than Taryn, even though Clara’s was set in the past. Something about her soft personality, instantly make me like her better. She is a caring nurse who tends to her patients to the extent that she starts to truly care for them without realizing. She fears to love again since she lost her ‘true love’ in the fire, but as the story progresses Clara truly comes into her own.

The author did a perfect job of even matching the dialogue, which alternates from the slightly formal style of the early twentieth century to the more relaxed, casual style of present day.

A five-star read for sure, A Fall of Marigolds is a story that deals with the what-ifs in life. It is an uplifting tale of hope, acceptance of the past, and moving on to the future.

If you are looking for something to read, pick this book up! You wont be disappointed ! 🙂

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