Happy birthday to my mother!!!  Yesterday was her birthday and Lol about a month ago my sisters and i came up with an idea to get a custom made cake for our moms bday. There is this lady i came across on fb, one of my friends liked her page, so i figured i would check her out.  Her fb page is Sweet Escape Cakes, so let me call her that, anyways, back in october we did a sweet 16 for my youngest sister and i contacted her after seeing her facebook page. She does custom cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and deserts for all occasions! She’s quite reasonable as well and is about a 30 minute drive to pick up from my house. So we decided to get cake pops made and let me tell you—they were amazing! She did the cutest design and the flavor was perfect as well! Being so happy with her service, we decided to get a custom cake made for my moms bday this year, to try out this Sweet Escape Cake’s, cakes as well! Again, she’s pretty reasonable considering the amount of work it must take to make this kind of stuff. So now let me tell you, my mom is OBSESSED with candy crush! I know how crazy, i’ve never played the game myself but my mom has passed all the levels and is on like level 800-900 or something! Lol shes crazy but whatever. So of course we decided to ask if we could get a candy crush game themed cake! And of course Sweet Escape Cakes, was able to do so! It turned out so awesome! Flavor is vanilla custard with fresh strawberries in side! Here’s what it looks like:IMG_2479 IMG_2481

My mom loved it! Hahah! Happy birthday to mah mama!! 🙂 Follow and comment along lovlies! <3


  1. April 29, 2015 / 2:15 am

    Just saw your comment on my post, I was over the moon! Thanks so much for reading and empathizing. I love your posts! Can’t wait to see more, keep it coming! 🙂

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