Today, I met up with all of–or i should say most of, since some couldn’t make it, old friends from college! Now we only graduated last year, but somehow we all fail to meet up at once together thus far. I have  seen a few of them here and there, in smaller groups we’re able to meet, but as a whole we haven’t been successful.

So seeing them all today was so awesome and sad at the same time. One of our friends from our group is going back to her home country at least for a year. She might come back in 2016 since she has an awesome job offer here, but wants to spend time with her fam so she’s moving back. It’s sad to thinks she won’t be in the same state anymore, even if we dont meet often. So since she’ll be leaving in a few weeks, we all decided to meet for lunch today.

We met up in north jersey, close to nyc, so the skyline view was amazing! IMG_2491 IMG_2492-2

The restaurant we ate at was  a desi chinese place, a cuisine i love, close by to the water, so after lunch we took a stroll over here and took a million pictures. The weather is so nice here today, not too hot, so it was perfect day to be outside!

Anyways, we were able to catch up and it was so nice and easy to almost pick up where we left off, as if nothing has changed, when in reality a lot has truly changed for us in the past year. The worst thing is that we dont all text or talk that often either, not all of us are the best at keeping in touch which is not helping, myself included. I only keep in touch with 2 of the girls from my gang the most and the rest, we just speak here and there. Again, the troubles of life and not being able to see each other make it hard but we also need to put more of an effort to do so.

Today was so wonderful and sad at the same time because it just reminded me of all of the fun we had in college, and just how EASY it was to be together and how different life was just a year ago. I would kill to go back to those 4 years and just re-run them over and over. Honestly, college/school life is the best, and easiest life ever. The biggest struggle is passing your exams, and besides that you have so many activities, freedom, friends and food to enjoy.
So to all of you out there in college or school–ENJOY IT! I mean that 100%! You don’t realize how good you have it until it is over. Because the days you spend in school with no real world responsibility, truly cannot be replaced. So enjoy it to the fullest, do everything you want because the days will never return.

Anyways, it was awesome seeing them all and our friend who is going back home, will be visiting every few months-thank god-so we can all hopefully meet again as a group. As for the rest of us, we did say we’ll make more of an effort to meet up every few months so we don’t meet like once a year. Life is just getting in the way for all of us since we all work and/or are in school, so finding time is difficult. But we’ll have to really try because in the next few years, even more changes will come and it’ll only get harder.

Sighs. Bittersweet feelings. Anyways, a good day for me and one that will never be forgotten.

Off to sleep for me!

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