Burberry, Jo Malone & Chloe Perfumes-Review

Hello all! Today I want to bring to you a review!

These 3 perfumes were actually all gifted to me in the past year, two for my birthday and one for my graduation, and I love them! I’ve never been big on wearing or buying designer perfumes, I would just always borrow my mom’s in the past. But since getting these perfumes, I’ve never had to do that and now I love designer perfumes! Definitely will be buying more once I run out of these.

So let’s begin! Funny thing to note is that they all come in different and unique sizes and styles. I use them all pretty equally and in the past 6-11 months, I haven’t used up too much of any of them! Hope they last a long time. Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne So I have never heard of Jo Malone prior to receiving this cologne/perfume from my friend as a birthday gift. Is that bad? Honestly not sure why this line is not more famous or popular (or maybe I’m lacking in seeing that it is), but it definitely should be!

Quick facts:

  • Scent is primary mix of woods and a subtle salt spray
  • It has a pretty strong scent as soon as you spray it on, so be careful with how much you spray
  • After some time, the smell dies down a bit, longevity of it is not the best, but I don’t mind as long as it does the initial trick
  • Best used for the office, out for dinner, or any subtle existence or event you need to smell well for
  • Since it is a ‘cologne’ I feel like its initial strong scent, could be used by men too as well as women
  • Overall rating: 3.8/5

The perfume is pretty pricy (I checked online after my friend gifted it to me lol) so if you have a little bit of extra change to use, I would definitely recommend it!

Roses de Chloe So I’ve always been a fan of Chloe, but never purchased one for myself before. I was glad to receive this one as a gift as well! The bottle itself is so cute and small. The pink of this fragrance makes this super girly, and I think best for young girls and young adults. It gives off a vibe of fun and sexy at the same time.

Quick Facts:

  • Delicate feminine rose scent, but not artificial.
  • Fragrance again doesn’t last all day, but it does linger
  • It is a simple, upbeat smell, nothing dramatic or mysterious about it
  • I enjoy wearing this to work or to a party and the faint scent still lingers until the end of the day
  • Overall rating: 4.2/5

Again, this is pretty pricey as all perfumes are. I would recommend this if you’re buying a gift for someone especially a girl! You really can’t go wrong with it! It’s fun, cute and smells nice!

Burberry Body Mist This was a gift from my cousin for my graduation last year. This is the biggest of the 3 perfumes, so definitely will last me awhile. I love the bottle design, with the cap in the rose gold with a pattern, makes it look so sophisticated. Burberry is known as the musky sexy fragrance, and the Body line is a bit more subtle, which I prefer.

Quick Facts:

  • Very fresh & clean smelling
  • Sweet scent with a touch of floral, and very sexy and feminine
  • Its cooler, crisp and more refreshing than the other two fragrances
  • Best for office use or for a night out
  • Strong scent, after a few hours it becomes fresher and lighter feeling
  • Again, does not last all day but it is good for short term use
  • Overall rating: 4/5

I love all of these scents and would really recommend them to anyone! They are all unique in their own way and none of them will disappoint you. Would love to know if any of you have used these yourself, which ones are your favorites, or if you recommend any other perfumes! Don’t forget to comment, and follow me along here & on my Instagram page! <3

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