Whats In My Bag? A Collaboration with Heera Diaries!

Hello all!

Today i’m bringing to you, a ‘Whats in your bag’ post. This is a fun post to do to get to know what i carry around in my everyday use bag.
I’ve teamed up with Heera Diaries a fellow Jersey girl like me, to bring this post to you!!
Let’s get started!
This is my everyday use bag. I recently started using it, after making the change from my previous gray tote/shoulder bag, because this one was bigger and able to fit more things. Plus it was a time for a nice change since the color of this is neutral with pink details, perfect for summer!
I received this bag as a gift actually for my 21st birthday from my closest friend. Such a great gift! I love the subtlety in it and the pink details.
FullSizeRender (7) (1)
So i use this bag on an everyday basis, and as you all know i work full time. Because of that, my laptop stays in this bag as well. I decided to carry this along with my usual things, because carrying around 2 bags everyday would just be a pain. Plus the size of this bag helps so much in me being able to hold everything i want.
Laptop: For work only, i use my own personal laptop otherwise
IPhone charger: I carry this around in my bag because my phone could die at any time. It comes in SO handy!
Wallet: This was also a gift from one of my sisters, its a basic wallet, I use everyday because I don’t want to carry a designer one around since this is used so often in my day.
Dolce & Gabana Sunglasses: These were also a gift from my same friend who gave me this bag, and i love them! I keep these in my bag year round, because they always come in handy.
Vera Bradley wristlet: This was part of a gift from my sisters, and i use this to carry my phone in! I have the iPhone 5, and it fits perfectly in there. I don’t like throwing my phone in my bag because i’m afraid of the damage it can cause, so i love using this to protect it.
(Note, i clearly love black, its seriously one of my fave colors since it goes with anything and everything)
Tissues: Stay in my bag year round, in case of a cold or allergies
My badge: This stays in this bag as i use this for work, i have my work ID & Lunch fast past go card in there as well
Lotion: Travel size Aveeno lotion, i use the big bottle at home, and carry this around in need of moisturizing my dry skin!
Hand Sanitizer: from Bath & Body Works, simple and small to carry to quickly use in between meals or whenever needed
So that’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed seeing what all i carry around on a daily basis, I like keeping it light and simple because everything else i use before i leave home or when i get back. These are just the simple necessities i need!
Heera Diaries Bag:
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Let me preface by saying I am an organizational freak, so everything I have is broken into compartments. My bag itself was a splurge because I wanted to treat myself to something nice later on giving birth. I choose the Saint Laurent YSL “Cassandre” shopper tote bag Royal Blue. This bag is neat because I can throw anything into the two compartments and have even more extra space in the zipped up divider in the center. The color I felt was an ode to my son being a boy and if need be I could double it as a diaper bag (which I can’t seem to let myself do). I love the quilted leather and gold hardware.
I’m going to break things down from the top left to right.
The Paris wristlet is from Victoria Secret and I store all my groceries/store cards and my prescription lens Rx, basically anything I don’t want floating around my bag.
Next is my Ray Ban case to hold my sunglasses and right next to it is a coordinating Kate Spade wallet.
The Tiffany’s case is there to carry my regular glasses and the hot pink item is a Ted Baker mirror/card holder. The card holder is my favorite thing in my bag because it’s easy to throw into any clutch or pull out for a night out.
The pink and white bag is from the subscription box service called IPSY where I hold my cell phone charger and adapters.
The red cloth Cartier case I use to put my rings or any jewelry at the remainder of the day so I don’t misplace any of it.
My car keys and house keys attach to a Disney embellished keychain, some gum is a must and a some of Jimmy Choo perfume just in case.
The big black case is the bulkiest item in my purse and a pain to carry but it carries my makeup essentials.
Lastly, I have some bobby pins, a blue pen and my cell phone.
I genuinely didn’t think I carried a lot until I pulled everything out an took account of it. I’m slightly embarrassed, but a little proud of the fact that I’m so prepared, I’m actually thinking about adding a first aid kit.
If you guys know of anything compact that you think I should carry please comment below.
That’s all folks! Hope you guys enjoyed this post & collaboration. We had a lot of fun bringing it to you!
Would love to hear your thoughts and comments about what you carry in your everyday bags as well!
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Until next time, XOXOsig


  1. Heera Diaries
    July 29, 2015 / 7:01 pm

    It was so nice working on this with you <3

  2. July 30, 2015 / 7:47 pm

    Yaaay! You did one!
    I loved reading it:)
    Hopefully we will be able to do a collab soon:) xx

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