Happy Monday!

Hello all,

I’m back with my regular weekly posts. Wanted to start this week off on a lighter note, as we all may be experiencing Monday Blues.

Yes, it is the start of another week, but hey, at least the weather has been beautiful lately! I know that Mondays can be a struggle for most of us, but I have developed tips to start your week off right.

  1. Prep! – Lay out your outfit Sunday night, pack your lunch, and organize your bag before you get into bed. I do this every Sunday, it helps passes time and makes me at ease knowing it is all taken care of. Plus, it will cut down on your rush in the morning and you might be able to catch a few extra Zzz’s.
  2. Get up early – This is a tip I’ve recently started to take. It makes a HUGE difference, and I’m literally able to get to work early because I get up 10 minutes earlier. It eases my stress levels and helps me start my day better. You want to give yourself time, in case of delays of traffic or weather that may ruin your Monday.
  3. Wear something fun! – Mondays suck. It’s just a fact, but your outfit does not have to. Add a bit of color or wear something you bought over the weekend that just ended. You’ll be happier and if you get compliments on your outfit, hey, what’s better than that?!
  4. Caffeinate – Well this tip may just be for my fellow coffee/tea lovers, but it is amazing what a little caffeine will do for you when you power through Mondays!
  5. Eat your favorite meal – I tend to make my lunch the night before each weekday, and Mondays are the easiest to make lunch for. It’s the first day of the week, and all your options are in front of you. By Friday you’ll be running out of food and not caring since it is the weekend. Make sure you balance your diet and eat healthy as well!
  6. Music  Music is a necessity in my life and I always listen to the radio as I drive. Create a playlist of your favorite songs, from calmer to more pump up, and play it throughout your morning. It is amazing what a great song can do for your mood!
  7. Good Vibes Only – Even when you are not feeling great, forcing yourself to smile can actually help make you happier! Smile, give compliments, hold the door open for someone else, any kind gesture can have a hugely positive impact on others day as well as your own. Remember, we are all facing Monday, so be kind to those around you!

Happy Monday! I hope these tips help you make it through this day!

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Until next time, XOXOsig

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