Hello everyone!

This past weekend, my family & i had 2 weddings (wedding related functions) to attend.
It was for family friends, and i actually knew the brides getting married, personally, so it was kind of shocking and great to see them get married!

Anyways, on Sunday night, i wore this beautiful Anarkali dress, that i bought last October actually, but never had a chance to wear anywhere. The outfit is heavy enough for a wedding, and i was saving it for this summer since i knew we’d have lots to attend!

This outfit, was actually MY VERY OWN purchase of a desi outfit for the first time. Normally i just let my mom buy these type of clothes for me, because she knows more about desi fashion.

But i came across this dress/design last year while scrolling through facebook. I saw a mutual friend of mine had liked this picture and i fell in love with the outfit instantly!

I reached out to the admin of this Impressions by Style page, emailed him for about a month, to make sure the outfit would be perfect. The owner of this page actually lives in India, so this outfit is 100% purely indian!

It was a bit difficult to work with someone via email and phone, and i was SO afraid he would take my money and run. Lol. How terrible of me to think that. Thankfully he was super helpful and put up with my 1000+ questions.

The outfit was super affordable too, which is the best part. It didn’t burn a hole in my pocket and it was really a good price for such a detailed outfit. So i was happy with my choice.

I’ve linked the FB page for this retailer above, check it out! They have so many varieties of outfits, plus you can customize as you see fit!

So anyways, this outfit was perfect for the wedding i went to this weekend. The colors are subtle, but the outfit is elegant, which basically is how i would describe my own style.

The color of the entire dress is gray, but its not such a dull gray that it ruins the outfit. The detailed work on the outfit is combination of gold, orange and a dark green! I love the work on the top & chest the most. The bottom of the outfit & dupatta have the same thick border of the gold and the design on top.

The dupatta is an ombre color, goes form gray to orange from top to bottom, which i love since it adds the pop of color! The sleeves also have the flower design printed on it lightly and the dress flares out like a dress, and is a churidar (tight) pant.

I paired this with gold & white earrings, which you cannot see in my pictures lol and my H&M Black heels.

I got so many compliments on the dress, which made me love it even more. I’m super satisfied with my purchase and hope to use this retailer again!

Here are a few snaps of the dress! Tell me what you think!

IMG_3681Here’s the complete outfit, i wish i had zoomed in a bit so you can see the entire intricate work on the borders and top, but this is the best i have of the whole look!

IMG_3691 IMG_3704IMG_3693Hope you guys enjoyed this post & look!

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Until next time, XOXOsig


  1. August 19, 2015 / 12:57 pm

    Haha, I always ask my mother and khalas to do the purchasing too! 🙂

  2. August 20, 2015 / 12:17 am

    Ma’sha Allah, it is quite nice. And it looks wonderful on you!

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