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Hi everyone!

This post is going to be a bit different than my usual stuff. I’m going to get a bit personal with y’all, so keep reading if you’d like to learn a little more about me 🙂

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Change. It’s such an in explainable feeling, for some it’s welcomed, but for most it’s dreaded. I dread it for the most part. I’m someone who easily gets attached to my routines and really don’t like change, no matter how good it may be for me.

Obviously, i’ve dealt with my fair share of change, and my best advice to you, would be to accept it. If you cant CHANGE the CHANGE, go with it. You’ll come out happier in the end. Rather than finding ways to avoid it, sometimes it’s best to just accept something for what it is.

Now, why am i getting all philosophical on you guys here? Because, my life for the last few years, especially for the past year and half, is change-filled. Some of the change, i brought to myself and accepted openly (A first for me), other changes, i still wish didn’t happen.

What am i talkin about? So, May of 2014–i completed my undergraduate degree, alhumdullilah! Honestly, i can say, those 4 years FLEWWWW THE HELL BY! And even though i was thrilled to graduate, i was equally or even more so, sad to say bye to my formal education.

What is life without the routine of school? Up until may 2014, i didn’t know. Nor did i really want to know, honestly. I am one of those crazy people, who love school. And i didn’t actually start feeling this way, until college. High School and before that, everyone takes their education for granted, and so did I.

But when i began college, i realized that this was going to really be it. To add to that, i also really really enjoyed what i studied & majored in. And i was good at it. Alhumdullilah. I did well in college, academically.

To add to this, i also made some awesome friends. I met a group of girls a month into college and we’re still all (mostly;) friends. To add to that, i also met a real companion, friend, and something more in my 4 years during school. I’m not going to go into detail about this person, at least for now, because if iA this becomes something more and real, then with time, i’ll let you know! 😛

Anyways, SO. Once graduation came around, and passed, for the first almost 3-4 months, i was in denial or did not want to accept the fact that this was truly an ‘end’. I kept thinking i was on ‘break’ and i would eventually return to school as normal. But obviously, after awhile, this hit me hard.

Even until today, i miss school all the time. I miss the LIFE of a student, where your biggest worry is your next exam or paper. Where all you have to do is get up, study, go to school, come home, repeat. I’m sure you’ve heard it a million times, that school days are the best in your life and to cherish it to the fullest, but nothing is truer than that statement.

Have the most fun (without getting in trouble or anything) and make the most memories you possibly can. Those years will NEVER come back again, and neither will that lifestyle of ease and comfort.

I’ve always been the one and i knew that i would return to school to get my masters degree, inshAllah. But there is a huge difference between graduate school & undergraduate. When you’re in graduate school (for most people, not everyone) people are taking classes…part-time. They work full time. This is going to be me, because i know i’ll work while i complete my degree, because that will be the nature of my degree. Plus i need the $ to pay for school.
Not only are students part time, most people are adults, a variety of age groups, and there isn’t as much of ‘fun’ or excitement as there is when you’re young and studying.

Maybe not everyone agrees, since i know some people prefer this ‘adult’ life. But i don’t. I am accepting this new ‘adult’ life because it is the only way for me to move on and make something of myself. But if i could, i would go back to my school days in a heartbeat.

After graduating, i began working full time. That was another adjustment i had to make. Being this ‘adult’ person. What was that even about? I had to worry about things like…a 401k plan.

Like what the heck even!? But i was thankful x million, for the opportunity i had right from the start. Unfortunately, for a lot of different reasons, the job was not to my 100% satisfaction, so i quit that job after 9 months and have switched to another better job (in my opinion) 6 months ago.

SO MUCH CHANGE. But this time, it was easy for me to accept and take on, because i brought this to myself. It’s not like TIME ended (as it did with school) and i was forced to make these changes.

The difference now is that i am happier (alhumdullilah) with the choices and changes i chose for myself.

So you can see just how much has changed for me in the past year and a half. So many new beginnings, new people, new environments, new friends, new colleagues, new commutes, new stories, new work, new stresses, and new everything, has been thrown my way!

Some how i’ve made it out alive and on this side of it lol!

To top ALL of this off, i’m again about to embark on another new journey. I don’t want to go into too many details yet, because it’s just the beginning. And i don’t like to jinx myself before hand by telling the whole world, in case (god forbid) something didnt work out.

But i’m happy with this new beginning, but afraid as well. It’s going to require me to really be disciplined with myself and time and learn to balance all my priorities, like work and making sure i have enough time to complete the work that will come with this new beginning.

Balance is the key to a lot of things in life. I’m going to have to learn it now and inshAllah i’ll be successful in my career and academic endeavors i’m about to begin on.

So my advice to all you youngin’s out there, in high school or college, LIVE IT UP! Soak in your days, years, months! This is your time. The best time. The time to make the most of everything you possibly can. Take advantage of every opportunity (especially those academic and career drive ones) that is thrown your way, usually something great will come out of it!

And just lastly, be yourself and be happy.

To anyone who is going to be graduating, or did graduate, or just going through a lot of uncertainty in your life—i’ve been there. I feel you. But let me tell YOU–YOU will be ok! Things will always work out for the best. If you don’t know what you’re doing with your life or if you’re feeling down about not having a job after graduating, ENJOY IT!

Man i wish i had taken some time off after i graduated, for myself. ME TIME. Now, being restricted with vacation days, makes it hard to just have a day where you dont give a shit and lazy around!

So if you’re struggling with either of those things, just accept it. You will find that dream job soon enough. Or you’ll do something crazy and find out what you TRULY want to be doing in life.

Okay wow this post is getting too long. I hope you all stayed with me there lol!

Anyways, just to sum it up. Be happy, enjoy everything, be thankful & grateful, and accept the changes that will be good for you.

Here’s to new beginnings, bismillah!

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