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Today i wanted to discuss with you all an app that i have been using daily for the past almost  6 months!

For anyone who is trying to control their diet and/or wants to know how many calories they intake a day, this app is FOR YOU!

Its so easy to use and provides all the basic necessary information you are looking for. I started using it myself when i saw a Pakistani Blogger/Trainer on Instagram using it. I’ve mentioned her in an earlier post, way back, when i was doing her fitness challenge.

MyFitnessPal is a fitness tracking app that allows you to monitor how many calories you intake per day. It is available for FREE for your iphone or android, so you don’t even have to pay to be smart about your weight! I started using this in March, around the same time I started to become more active & work out. This app truly has helped me in monitoring what I eat and making the best effort I possibly can, to eat properly.

Here’s a quick glimpse of my list of pros/cons for this app:

PRO’s/what I like:

CON’s/what I don’t like:

·         Let’s me easily see what I’ve eaten all day ·         Still hard for me to really measure my portions
Forces me to make note, remember what I’ve eaten ·         No way to turn off the exercise adding back calories into that days intake-wish it wouldn’t add anything-because it makes you eat more than you should

o   I just don’t track my exercise some days to make myself not overeat

·         Even has desi/Indian/Pakistani/halal type food, so no excuses
·         Sends reminders if you haven’t logged, or are late in logging a particular meal (you can turn this feature off as well)
·         Allows you to track exercise as well
·         The nutrition tab is the best features, can see exactly how many grams of sugar, fat, carb etc you intake and the pie chart lets you see how much of each food group you’ve had in the day
·         Can set goals, can set your activity level, and if you want to lose/gain/maintain weight, it will set your calorie intake per all of these

This app basically stores all your information that you input, in the app. So you can always look back at history to see how you’ve improved and/or whatever changes you’ve made.

To start out, you let the app know if you want to: Loose, Maintain, or Gain weight. Based on that and other characteristics about yourself (age, weight, height etc) it calculates how many calories you should eat in a day. So every time you log your food, it subtracts from your grand total.

I’ve chosen ‘Maintain’ My weight, just as a healthy guideline for myself.

Here’s a few screens of how the app looks:

IMG_3789 IMG_3790 IMG_3791

As you can see, I randomly chose a day to show you in this picture. You can input each of your meals for the day. FOR MY FELLOW DESIS–DO NOT WORRY: this app has a lot of our food already stored in it, so all you have to do is search it like you would any other food. And it brings up a list of options and you choose what best fits your food. Sometimes, to be honest, I have to guess and hope I’m putting the right portion in. And sometimes it is tough to get the ‘true’ meal you had, into the log.

You can also log your weight, how much water you drank, exercise all from the main screen as well.

There are 3 nutrition screens you can look at as well. IMG_3792 IMG_3793

This one is my favorite screen of the 3 nutrient screens. It’s the simplest to read since it’s in pie chart format. Tells you exactly how much of your calorie intake of the day is carb, fat and protein. My aim on a daily basis is to increase my protein intake and reduce carb as much as possible. But this is really hard to maintain. Literally everything you eat has carb in it, but not everything you eat has protein. This is a goal I’m going to try to achieve so I’m going keep at it.

IMG_3794 IMG_3795

This tab, helps you see exactly how much grams of each nutrient you’ve had. So on days you’re not able to find your true meal match in the option, this will obviously be skewed. I try not to let that bother me so much, and find something similar and ball park calories, to what I ate. That way at least the calories are being counted in.

These are basically the features I use of this app. There’s plenty more you can do, such as, if you have one of those step counter things you wear around your wrist, you can hook that to this app as well and it will take that into account. And there’s an option to link this to your social media as well, if you want to share with your friends!

I would recommend this to everyone and anyone! There is no harm in tracking your food intake. It should honestly make you smarter about what goes into your body and maybe even make you make the RIGHT decisions about food.

*this blog post is NOT sponsored by MyFitness Pal* I wanted to write a review on this because it’s an app I love using, and I figured there are probably lots of people out there who are  unsure of how to control their diets etc, so this would be a great option!

Hope you guys enjoyed & learned something from this review. Would love your feedback and support!

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Until next time, XOXOsig


  1. September 2, 2015 / 4:02 am

    I have this app, its absolutely amazing and I love how its so interactive and updates and reminds you frequently. Definitely a great one to recommend 🙂

    • September 2, 2015 / 9:42 am

      you use it too?! awesome! yes, i love it, so easy to use and user friendly! 🙂

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