Labor Day Weekend; recap!

Hello everyone!

SO this weekend is a long weekend here in the USA, and we all have Monday off. This weekend people usually travel since for a lot of kids in school, this is the last weekend before they begin the new year.

Everyone in my house is basically past that point–my youngest sister is in her last year of high school but her school started last week so it doesn’t even matter…

Some years, we do big things on this long weekend. This year, was not one of them. My weekend has still been pretty relaxing because i’ve been doing fun things around here with my friends and family.

Just wanted to share with you all through pictures and experiences, what i did this weekend!

Friday: So i worked from home and it was only for half the day (i signed off at 1 pm), so it was fabulous.
If you follow me on instagram you’ve seen this picture, but working from home is great because i literally was doing work in my PJs. FullSizeRender (13)

After i signed off, i was supposed to meet my BFF from HS for early dinner. We were going to meet at an area near my college, but she BAILED on me last minute. Smh, we rescheduled for next weekend. Anyways, since i was in my old college area (which btw–sobs, because i miss those days so much) i called my cousin who JUST started her freshman year there.

She met up with me and showed me her dorm and told me about her first week so far, and i felt so old. Lol cant believe these kids are so big now. Anyways, we ended up eating a late lunch together, at a nice halal place i’ve been to before. It was awesome spending time with her and ofc being back at one of my favorite places in my state. I’ll def be hitting her up a few more times in the school year and the next few years, to meet up and chill and stuff.


Saturday: On Saturday 2 of my high school friends and i had planned to meet up. I love still living in my old town/basically where i’ve spent half my life, because all my close friends from HS are still around here as well.

We ended up going bowling & then grabbing lunch. I totally suck at bowling without bumpers (LOL) so i lost to both of them! We still had a good time though.

FullSizeRender (12)

After we finished bowling, we went to a brunch place. I actually posted a pic on my instagram a few weeks ago of french toast i had, and we ended up going to that same place. It’s definitely one of my new favorite places, so i’ll be going there with everyone and anyone lol!

We decided to have proper lunch rather than their breakfast. My first time trying their lunch, it was pretty good. I still am a fan of their breakfast more though. So glad this place has opened up near us. This place is actually a chain only in NJ, and they have multiple other locations but their all too far from me. Thank god they decided to open one up here!


Sunday: I spent a part of Sunday chilling and reading a book i recently picked up at the library. I go through phases of reading, when i find something i like, i’ll pick it up, otherwise i wont read for months at a time.

IMG_3866 IMG_3867

I’m in the middle of this book, i actually only picked it up because i saw it while googling what books to read for this year. Its unfortunately TOO sad right now. Like morbid. And depressing. But hopefully it will end happily. Might do a review on this if i end up liking it!

I also painted my nails! Because i felt like it and i don’t do this very often. This color is plumberry by essie, i love it! Sorry for bad picture quality lol


Monday: Last day of the weekend, BOO! LONG WEEKEND…Don’t end! *sobs* lol anyways, today we were invited to a milad at a family friends house.

It was in the middle of the day, and i don’t love middle of the day things because they end up just taking up your whole day.

Anyways, it was a good time, got to see some fam friends. I wore:

IMG_3870 IMG_3876 IMG_3877

I’m not too crazy about this outfit, it’s actually kind of old but i’ve only worn it once in the past. So decided to wear it yesterday. It was fitting for the occasion.

And yeah, that’s basically it! As you can see, this weekend was basically surrounded with food, family, friends, and relaxing times. Just the way i liked it. Although i did wish we went on a mini trip or something for a few days, i’d love to do a mini get-away, but oh well. Maybe before the end of the year.

Anyways, that is a wrap for LDW’15! Crazy how fast time is flying, only few months till this year is over! AHH!

Hope you all had a wonderful LDW as weekend as well! Now i’m just looking forward to fall!

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Until next time, XOXOsig

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    Hey! I’ve nominated you for the quote challenge. The rules are in my latest post 🙂 x

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