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So this past weekend, myself and 4 of my close college friends…threw a dholki/bridal shower for our OTHER college friend, who is getting married this December!

Can’t believe such a good friend of mine is getting married, she and i are super close, so its totally crazy but exciting that this is happening!

So unfortunately, none of us can go to the wedding, because it will be in Pakistan. Her whole family, and her husband to be’s, whole family, are in Pakistan, so they have no choice really.

And even sadder than that, is she’s moving all the way ACROSS the country after she gets married… to CALIFORNIA! *sobs* Her husband to be lives in LA, so of course, again, no choice but to move. I wish she wasn’t going so far, because it’s going to be so hard to meet up now. I do have family myself in San Francisco, and we do visit them often enough, but she’s moving to LA, which is 6 hours from SF :l lol life. But we did decide, that at some point i’ll go visit her, or go to see my family in SF and then meet her halfway. Ah..let’s see what happens!

But anyways, given her situations and moves, that’s why we all decided to throw something for her here, to celebrate!

We rented out a small hall and catered some good desi food for the night. We also decided to make it a ‘teeka’ themed dholki, so all the girls were told to wear teekas! I love teekas, and rarely ever wear them, so that was an awesome idea!

My friend/bride, was so happy that we did all this for her, and it was a super fun night of dhol, singing, dancing, taking pictures, and enjoying ourselves!

I wish her the best of luck in this new chapter of life! <3

So i wore my valima outfit from my cousins wedding, a few years back. I’ve only ever worn it once or twice since, and these clothes are just sitting around uselessly, so i figured why not!

Here’s the outfit:
IMG_2513 (1) IMG_2514This outfit was made from Pakistan. Their custom made, we sent a design and color and all that we wanted, to this aunty my mom knew, and she made the outfit for us. I wasn’t super in love with it when i first got it, or even now. I don’t particularly like this shade of blue, but the intricate work you see here on the border, is my favorite part. IMG_2519 (1)So the outfit has pink work in it as well, that’s why the churdiar pant is bright pink. The dupatta also has a pink border to it to match it all.IMG_2522 (1)This is the teeka i decided to wear with it. I had this one or a really big one, that i actually wore at my cosuins wedding, but i decided to go with this one, since it’s smaller and pretty and i think worked better with the outfit.

Also on my eyes, i used:
Primer-Urban Decay Eyeshadows: On outside/ half of eye: Lorac Pro Palette –Slate, Smashbox on the Rocks  Palette–Framboise and Babycakes. On inside/half of eye–i mixed cream, lt pink, nude, champagne all from Lorac Pro Pallete, and Moonlight from Smashbox on the Rocks palette. EyelinerNYC Liquid Eyliner Mascara-Maybelline  IMG_2523 (1) IMG_2529 (1) IMG_2543 (1) This was the stage and floor decor. One of my friend’s mom, does this type of stuff as a side business, so it was awesome she was able to get this all for the dholki. IMG_2554

Anyways, that was my fun evening! I’m so glad we were able to do this for our friend! Still can’t believe she’s getting married! Like ahhhh! lol

Let me know what you guys thought of the look, teeka, and all!

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Until next time, XOXO


  1. M.
    October 27, 2015 / 6:10 pm

    oh your tekka is amazing 🙂 (it is the jewel that you wear on your head, is that right? )

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