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So this past weekend, my sister and i were invited to a ‘friendsgiving’ potluck at our family friends house. It was an all girl event, and it was hosted by 4 sisters who we’ve known for like 10 + years, we met them through sunday school when we first moved to this state.

It was an awesome time, meeting so many new Muslim girls and making new friends, and meeting old friends as well. And of course stuffing our faces to the max….lol

Since it was a potluck, most girls brought something with them. My sister and i took home made chicken pasta salad, which was super yum!

The weather was perfect fall weather, in the early part of the evening it was nice enough to be out without a jacket, but as the night went on….oh my god it got so cold!! The dinner part was all outside, but as it got colder, most of us just sat inside because it was not nice enough to be out anymore. Lol fall is definitely here!

The sisters whose house it was at, also decorated their backyard/deck so nice! It was all light up and they had one long table for everyone to sit on. I totally loved this party idea of there’s!

So the event invite stated to come in ‘fall/sweater weather’ type clothes, so i decided to wear this longish sweater i bought last year from forever 21. I like that its a dull red color, because i rarely ever really wear too many colors, so this fit perfectly in my dark colored closet lol. I paired it with tights, to make it a more ‘dress’ like look, although in the past i have also worn it with dark jeans as well.

I paired it with my favorite black booties, from H&M, which i bought almost 2 years ago. They are so heavily worn in the winter time! But i also have a few other booties- i’ll show you them in other posts-but these are my favorite!

So the outfit was perfectly casual and warm enough. I paired it with silver hoops as well.

Here’s a few snaps from the dinner!

IMG_2501 (1) IMG_2498 (1) IMG_2496 (1) IMG_2492 (1) IMG_2494 (1)And here’s the pretty decor!
IMG_2508 IMG_2506 IMG_2507 (1)Such a cute and fun idea! Hope they have another one of these parties next year!

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