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Sometimes after weekends, and especially long weekends, we all suffer from morning blues! I always find it difficult to drag myself out of bed on a Monday morning, especially after a fun and busy weekend. I’m sure everyone has experienced this in some way or another.

Today’s post is in collaboration with Casper and I’m bringing to you my top beauty tips of how to make your morning after, more bearable! Don’t forget to check out their website to check out the types of products they have to offer, like their memory foam mattresses!

  1. Shower night before: My #1 tip! I prefer to shower in the evenings or nights anyways, I cannot get myself up early enough to shower in the morning and then get ready, like who’s got time for that?! So if you know you’re going to be out late on a particular weekend, make sure to take a shower before you get ready to go out. Trust me, you’ll thank me in the morning because you can catch a few extra minutes of zzz’s!
  2. Skip coffee/caffeine—I know most people don’t follow this and even sometimes I don’t either, but we all know that caffeine can be dehydrating and can worsen your morning. So try to opt for healthier drinks, or stick to water if possible. Instead of caffeine, try to eat energizing fruits, or have a cup of orange juice, to kick start your day!
  3. Make your eyes look bigger—Mascara + eye lash curlers will be your best friends! I always feel like my eyes look the most tired on these mornings after, so it’s essential to make your eyes look fresh so your whole face does not look super tired. Mascara is the easiest way to make that happen. A few coats of your favorite Mascara (mine is are the two below here, check it out here and here) and you’re good to go! If you’d rather skip the mascara, OR want to add another umpf to your eyes, use that eye lash curler! I’m not very big on curling my own eyelashes (it kind of scares me to use it!) but I know it can totally change how your eyes look! Don’t be afraid to work it girllll!
  4. Don’t put excess products in your hair- This kind of goes hand in hand with the showering point mentioned earlier. Excess products can grease out your hair making you look even worse than you feel on a tough morning! I’d say, skip the products all together if you can! If not, use something non greasy and only use a little amount to tame that mane! Trust me, you’ll look perfectly fine without it!
  5. Smile! And lastly, smile! You don’t want others to know that you aren’t feeling your 100%, so might as well fake it till we make it! Smile at your co-workers, friends, family, wherever you’re going the next morning! It will make you feel better too, and eventually your body will forget all about its pains and tiredness.

And that’s all folks! If you’re like me, you’d want to spend the next day in bed all day, cuddling with your favorite book. Unfortunately, that usually isn’t the case, especially when you’re an ‘adult’ and you have to keep going!

So get out there and kick that tiredness to the curb!

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Until next time, XOXO


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