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Hello there!☺️ My name is Fatima & I am 18 years old. I am a fashion & beauty blogger who blogs occasionally. I go by the name of La Vie De La Beauté for my blog which simply means ‘ The Beauty of Life’ 🙂

Today’s post is on my top 5 winter beauty essentials. These are items which I feel are my essentials for this season! Keep reading to see what my personal faves are!❤
when it comes to winter it’s important that you remember the main basics before makeup because good skincare is important and having good skin makes us all feel good about ourselves  🙂 We could all do with that extra bit of self confidence!
1) Hand Cream
My first winter essential would have to be a good hand cream. I like to switch up and try new creams but my fave hand cream to use in the winter time has to be the body shop hemp hand cream. It isn’t the best smelling hand cream but in terms of moisturising the hands it’s bloody amazing! It really moisturises deep in to the skin and for winter a nice thick cream is just what you need. I’ve also been loving the Dove Spa creams lately! They are totes amazing!
2) Lipbalm/tint
My second essential is a good lip balm! I don’t know about you but my lips always seem to get more dry and chapped in the cold weather. This is when you know your lips really need abit of  TLC💁 A good base is essential. A good lip balm is always good to have. I usually tend to go for Carmex, Vaseline or Nivea. If you want to add some colour as well as moisturise the lips then I’d say Burt’s Bees is the one!
3) Umbrella
Okay so this next one is pretty obvious.. but seeing as this is a winter essentials post it only makes sense to include it doesn’t it? I think my next essential would be an umbrella! Living in Britain you just don’t know what to expect but in winter your likely to be faced with cold weather and a lot of rain so keeping an umbrella in your handbag is a good idea because it’s likely to come in use sooner or later! 😀
4) Cleansing Brush
Like I mentioned taking care of your skin is important all year round but mostly in winter. When it comes to exfoliating my face or using some sort of face wash I tend to use it in conjunction to my no7 cleansing brush. The brush really exfoliates deep in to the skin and removes any dead skin. If you don’t already own some sort of cleansing brush then I recommend you try one! There’s many brands out there which do them! However if you have very sensitive skin then this might not be for you.
5) Coconut oil/Body Cream
Okay this is something I use all year round. You really just can’t go wrong with coconut oil! It has tons of benefits and I use it to moisturise my body to stop me from getting dry skin and keep my skin smooth and healthy throughout winter. Another alternative instead of using coconut oil could be using a  body moisturiser that you feel works well on your skin. when it comes to moisturising the skin, It’s essential to indulge and look after your body!
Okay so I decided to add a cheeky 6th one to the post & it is of course
6) Perfume
Okay so as far as fragrances, recently I’ve been reaching out to quite a fruity/floral smell & it is
Amor Amor by Cacharal . It contains ‘an original mix of mandarin, melati jasmine & sandalwood.’ It has a very interesting smell. It’s fruity but not too fruity! There’s just something about this scent that I really like. I think that this is probably going to be one that I will wear through winter and maybe longer so thought it deserves a mention!
& that’s pretty much my 5, well 6 winter beauty kind of bits that I could think of. I hope you enjoyed reading this post. if you did then please do check out my blog and don’t forget to follow me on my other social media accounts!
Lots of love

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