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It’s easy to say that all Sunni Muslims agree on the biggest, most important parts of faith, but what about the little matters that, eventually, may come up as just as important as others?
   You might have experienced asking your family an Islamic question only to have them give you multiple different answers that come from the Ja’fari, Hanafi, Maliki, Shafi’i & Hanbali which are all surprisingly different. You want to be the best Muslim but the question is raised: How?
   I, myself have experienced this so many times and with a little advice I came to a point of understanding that you must choose for yourself. Not which school you’re going to stick to, but which choices you’re going to make. Because I have never come across a school which I fully agree with.
How to Choose:
Step #1: Explore the answers to your question.
Step #1

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Step #2: Analyze the knowledge you’re sure of, whether it’s straight from the Quran or just a source you trust with your future.
Step #2
Step #3: Make a decision for yourself about which answer seems to fit with proof.
Step #3.jpg
   I recently started following this method, and I feel like a massive weight has left me. I was told by mother to just choose what seems right to me, and it’s been a great experience. I no longer feel pressure over the fact that my family is Hanafi, because I take what I want from each school and do what I feel Allah has commanded us to.
   Zabiha or non? I figured it out through a verse from the Quran.
   Where should women keep their arms and legs in prayer? I figured it out through a hadith.
   In conclusion, don’t try to make yourself choose a school, because you don’t have to! You do what feels right and InShaaAllah no questions will be asked when it matters.
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