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So this post is overdue, because i’ve actually had this palette since mid or end of January or so…and i’m only getting around to blogging about it now! Oops! I’ve just had so many other blog posts in que, that this one is only coming around now…


So I realized (after buying it) that this product was all the hype a few months prior, and everyone was dying to get their hands on it! Now, I didn’t even know who Carli Bybel was…until 2 of my friends told me about this palette, how much they loved it, and were raving about it. So naturally…I knew I had to get my hands on it too.

So for those of you (like me), who have no idea who Carli Bybel is or what this palette is about…check out her YouTube channel here. I’m not a YouTube fanatic, I only watch a handful of YouTubers, hence why I didn’t know about her…

This palette is her first product, sold by BH Cosmetics for only $12! I didn’t even hesitate for a second in buying this, even though I already have 3 eyeshadow palettes before this one…but what really sold me on this product was the highlighters! Prior to this, I didn’t own any highlighters at all…and I always wanted them, just didn’t know which to buy.

So this palette is genius because it has 4 Highlighters + 10 Eyeshadows! So you get 2 great things for only $12!!! IMG_2552


  • It comes in a white cardboard box basically, with the colors built into it with a top flap and an inside mirror.
  • It’s a square shape and super lightweight making it easy to carry around/use for travel (can’t wait to take it with me when i travel)

Now normally I don’t feel like eyshadows or face products have a scent to them, or not a strong one, but this palette, as soon as you open the top, there is a unique smell to it! I don’t think its a bad smell, but it’s also not a fantastic one. BUT it’s not a bothersome one to get in the way of using the products. I just felt like I had to mention that there is a certain smell to this, since I don’t feel like palettes normally carry a scent.

  • Now here’s what it looks like! The top 10 are obviously the eyeshadows and the bottom larger 4 circles, are the highlighters.


  • I love that the colors are so neutral. The first month I owned this palette, i wore one or two of the eyeshadows on my eyes everyday to work. The eyeshadows are lightweight and  the shimmer in some of  them, is so perfect!
  • I’ve mostly used #2 in the first row and #1 and #2 in the second row. I haven’t gotten around to using the last two (dark purple and the grayish) in both rows yet but so far I have no complaints about the eyeshadows!


  • This is what sold me. I frikin LOVE THEM! Especially the two lighter ones on the left side. Oh my goodness, they highlight your cheekbones (or any other area you’re trying to highlight) very very well.
  • They have the perfect amount of shimmer in them to give you the pop!
  • I do feel that I need to grab quite a bit of product when using them though, to get the highlight to show to my liking. But it’s mostly because i am quite fair skinned, so any color takes forever (or a few strokes) to show up on my face!
  • The left two highlights are very pretty too, but quite gold and dark, so they show up A LOT on my face. I’m going to save them for the summer time, to give myself a glow 😉

    BONUS: So the other best thing about this palette….you can use the highlights as eyeshadows as well! I’ve tried it, and i’ve read other people’s reviews who have done the same! So if you’re in need of any of those 4 colors for your eye look, you can use them! How awesome is that? It makes this product SO versatile!


Here’s a better look at what the 4 highlighters look like on my hand. The lighting in my bathroom is a bit harsh, so it’s making it seem like the left two / the lighter highlights, are the same, but really their not. I find the extreme left one, very paling, and the second one from the left is my absolute favorite one (i’m sure you can see how much i’ve already used it;)

I would recommend this to everyone! It’s perfect for a beginner in highlighters (like i was), and its SO affordable, it’s totally worth it!

Comment below and let me know if you’ve used this palette yourself and your thoughts! I’d love to hear what you have to say!

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Until next time, XOXO


  1. April 21, 2016 / 10:46 am

    I’ve never used the palette but it looks gorgeous! Totally wearable shades for all skin tones! xxx

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