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If you follow me on Instagram, then you know that for the past 10 days i’ve been in Virginia, for my cousins wedding.

Suffering from serious post – wedding blues, and missing the family and all the fun! But i’ll be doing a series of posts soon hopefully, recapping the wedding + all my outfits! So stay tuned.

In the meantime, here’s a guest post by my fellow blogger friend News by Naureen about Ramadan. Can’t believe it’s starting in a few days!! Ahh!

Summer is fast approaching Dubai, and I am already in mourning. Being a hijabi means I have mastered the art of layering, which can be a significant hindrance if I have to go out in the heat.

Ideally, it’s better for your skin, body temperature (and your mood), to avoid the sun as much as possible and take refuge indoors. However, Dubai’s summer is such that there is no respite even after dusk, as the nights can make you feel suffocated due to the humidity.

Having fuss-free clothing available on hand at all times is vital, and I’m here to share with you some basic tips to guide you on clothing items that are a must-have in summer:

1) Loose, flowy tops – A lightweight tunic or kurti is a great option. The key is to wear it as a one- piece, so ensure its full sleeves to avoid wearing a cardigan or a top underneath. I personally love my Eastern wear for this, because there is a plethora of choices available in different prints, colours and lengths.


2) Relaxed-fit trousers/Palazzo pants/Ankle-length Culottes pants – These are a more carefree alternative to your everyday pants and jeans. Denims are impractical, and your skinnies should be neatly folded away to the back of your closet. Opt for these items as the material will allow your skin to breathe more. If you’re wearing leggings with a fairly long top, ensure that it is of a cotton material. (Save your jeggings for the winter) 2.jpg

3) Maxi skirts – Chic, comfortable, easy to style and can always be dressed up or down with your make-up and accessories. Avoid the ankle length tube skirts and go for the pleated & flared ones.3.jpg

4) Abayas and/or Maxi dresses – Maxi dresses that are made of a flowy, jersey material are something you will reach for without thinking for an effortless look. Abayas are such a beautiful and versatile clothing invention that they can be worn anytime, anywhere – It all depends on the style, material and embroidery of your chosen abaya.4.jpg

5) Under scarves / Head scarves – The undercap should be a 100% cotton because it will be thinner and won’t feel as heavy in the summer as compared to a jersey undercap. Experiment with different and simpler hijab styles that require minimum pinning. Lightweight hijabs are more suitable such as chiffon, georgette, cotton and linen.

Material of the clothes is key when purchasing season-specific clothing, hence always feel the fabric and try the clothes to see what agrees best with you.

Trial and error is the only way to discover what suits you and what you’re most comfortable with, and although it can seem to be a tedious process, it’s quite enjoyable. 🙂

Happy shopping!

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    Yay! 😀 Can’t wait for the wedding posts!

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