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TWO POSTS IN ONE WEEK…..!!! When was the last time this happened?! I want to say all of 2016, i haven’t posted twice in a week, so this is a rare treat for y’all!

Now that Summer has officially begun (woo!), if you’re anything like me, you’re on the hunt for a new pair of sunglasses for the season! I recently bought a pair in March, but unfortunately one of the side pieces of it, broke off recently! So it’s a bit hard for me to wear.

Warby Parker is your answer for this summers eye wear! They offer styles for BOTH men & women alike, all of their products are unique and stylish. I had never heard of them, until very recently, and i’m SO glad i found them. Their story is unique, in that they understand that sunglasses, especially nice sunglasses are too expensive! WP was created as an alternative, without compromising quality, but designing glasses in-house and working with the customer to understand their needs, at a fraction of the price you’d pay elsewhere! Sounds like a keeper for me!

They launched a new summer collection just last week, June 14th, and i’m loving their collection! They offer eyeglasses along with sunglasses as well, but i’ll be focusing on the sunnies here in this post, because ’tis the season!

There are SO many awesome styles and colors to choose from, so I had a hard time choosing a few favorites to share with you here today!

Here’s the link for all the pairs they have, right here!

This style comes in this shade as well as a jet black shade (for the people who love black like me 😉 and i think it’s a perfect frame for almost everyone! I like the slightly enlarged but rounded look they have, which i think would be perfect for my face and anyone who has a slightly larger/perhaps square-ish face!

My second favorite:

This frame again comes in a jet black, which i think i would 100% love again! These ones have a slightly rounded and not as large of a look as the previous one, so this could a definite go-to look for the summer!

So there you have it folks! Warby Parker is a great choice for affordable eye-wear for the summer! Don’t forget to check out all their styles in their summer collection to find the best match for you!

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Until next time, XOXO

This post is in collaboration with Warby Parker, all opinions are my own.


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