It’s been a minute since i’ve done a beauty product review! So this is a product, i recently picked up, maybe a month or two ago now, and i figured i’d try my best to review it!

Now we’re all aware of the eyebrow craze / trend that we see all over social media these days. Being a brown girl, I’ve always been pretty satisfied with my natural eyebrows especially after i get them threaded and cleaned up, because they have a natural thickness and blackness to them, so i’ve never been one to fill in or exaggerate their length.

But…in the past few months, randomly i would notice pieces of my eyebrow hairs, sticking up or down into my eye or forehead area, as if they were having a bad hair day! I then decided to try using some sort of eyebrow gel to have the brows stick together better and not budge.

I didn’t particularly have any idea which brand i wanted to get, and originally i figured ABH would be best bet, since they have a good eyebrow range.

Enter Benefit’s Gimme Brow! Volumizing Fiber Gel. So since i don’t have anything else to compare this too, i’m going to say; i really like this product.

It comes in three shades, I obviously bought it in the darkest shade they have (05-Deep brown to black cool). IMG_4068

It is quite small, i realize that. But i feel like it has plenty of product in there, to last you awhile! The spooly part at the top takes out the perfect amount of product usually, for you to easily brush through your eyebrows a couple times and be done.

Let me show you a quick before and after of my left eyebrow that i used this on for this review. APOLOGIES FOR THE TERRIBLE PICTURES + QUALITY (sobs)

The left-hand picture is before and the right hand one is after. You can’t see a significant difference, but trust me when i say, using this product is almost like glue. It has a very good sticking power, and keeps the eyebrows in place for hours. Which is exactly why i wanted this product in the first place.

In the first, especially the front half of my eyebrow you can see there’s a lot of like space in between those hairs that i don’t like much, so i use the little wand right from the start to end of my eyebrow to make it look like 1 nice long eyebrow.

It’s super easy to use and not messy on your hands when applying. I’ve used this on a daily basis to work sometimes, and other times for when i do a full face of glam, and both ways, it works like magic.

It’s definitely a keeper for me!

Let me know if you’ve ever used this eyebrow gel, or if you recommend another great one! i’d love to check it out!

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Until next time, XOXO


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