Hi Guys!

It has been a minute since i’ve blogged, I took a break without trying to or planning for it.

Life has gotten SO hectic in past few weeks at work, and school, and on top of that i was travelling for a few days in between, so basically there’s just been NO time!

I’ve been meaning to write this post for awhile now, but am finally getting the chance to now!

Late July we threw my sister a high school graduation party! It was pretty low key compared to some extravagant grad parties some people have, but it was still an overall nice event!

I know it’s September now and most people are back in school, but here’s a quick recap of how we organized this event, and you can definitely use these tips when planning  your next event!


  • We didn’t want to make it too specific, so we kept it broad. The invitation stated ‘semi-casual’ event, meaning NO jeans! We wanted the girls to wear summer dresses and boys to wear dress shirts and slacks.
  • We kept the decor in line with the high school colors that my sister had; blue, gray/silver, white. And we incorporated her college colors in the deserts as well (more on that later).
  • So we bought balloons that said 2016 in silver, and the remaining balloons in white and blue! The table covers were all white as well, and the cutlery was all silver.


  • We set up this as the ‘backdrop’ for people to essentially stand in front of and take pics with
  • The white and black paper lanterns we had from a few years back, and worked perfectly with the theme so we decided to add them as the backdrop
  • You can see on the right hand side the red basket, was filled with fun cut outs (grad themed) that you can use to take pics with!


  • Everyone’s favorite part! So we did not want something desi or super generic like pizza, pasta, etc. so we went for Mediterranean, which is our favorite cuisine!
  • My sister had the idea to make the food station a ‘make your own gyro’ station, and it worked out perfectly! I’m so sad i don’t have a picture of the food, but essentially we had a few trays set up of each thing: 1 tray of rice, 1 tray of shredded chicken, and 1 tray of veggies, with the sides of white and green sauces. This allowed the kids to make their own plates and take as much as they wanted.
  • Needless to say, the food was a hit!

Dessert Table:

  • This was my entire idea and planning! I know a girl who makes custom cakes and desert based on any theme or event you’re having, so i asked her to do the desserts for my sisters party!
  • The cake was white, silver and blue to go with the theme, and the remaining desserts were red and black!
  • The desserts were a huge hit as well, since there was variety in addition toIMG_4019 the cake!
    • Flavors: Cake: Top tier: vanilla with chocolate ganache & the bottom tier: pineapple cake with vanilla butter cream.
    • Cake pops: Strawberry flavor
    • Mini cheese cakes: White chocolate with raspberry
    • Cupcakes: Vanilla cupcake stuffed with custard and topped with mango butter cream

How awesome does that sound? It tasted even better!

The actual Party:

  • So not much happens at high school level kids parties, everyone basically sits around and talks and eats. We wanted to have some activities and memories for my sister to look back on so we had a small table set up at the entrance that had 2 different things for people to do.
    • Once everyone had done this, my sister took each piece of paper with a memory and read it out loud for everyone to share, it was a cute way to see what people remembered the most about her!
  • The first was to write a memory they had with my sister in HS that was their favorite ! And secondly, we had a candy jar that we asked everyone to guess how many pieces of candy were in it, and the winner won the jar!
  • In addition, we played cards against humanity as well!


  • The decor on the table was all DIY. The mason jars were store bought and the marbles were from home, the bows and straws were also bought as well as the fake flowers, all put together to create this by my sister.

And lastly…my outfit! 😛 I had this dress in my closet since last year but never had the chance to wear it! So this was the best occasion to break it out!

It is from H&M, but i can’t link to it since it’s last year’s design! I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of girls wearing this, i know i did all over social media!

IMG_3995 (1).JPG

And that’s all folks! I hope you enjoyed this party recap and this gave you some inspo for a party you may be throwing at some point!

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BTW GUYS! Fall is coming and it’s my favorite season/time of year! PLEASE let me know what kind of fall related (or non related) posts you’d like to see! I’m reallyyyy interested in your guys’ input and need some inspo! Let me know!!

Until next time, XO


  1. September 6, 2016 / 9:00 pm

    you can never go wrong with those balloons!

  2. September 14, 2016 / 7:16 pm

    Oh man. Everything looks so cute. I am gonna call you to put something nice together for my 30th inshallah😂

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