Battle of the Beauty Sponges! Real Techniques vs. Beauty Blender


Been a minute since I’ve done a beauty related post! I have some new products that I bought recently, so I want to wait and include them in a haul-like post as i have in the past. In the meantime though, I wanted to discuss the Real Techniques Sponge!

I posted about the RT face brushes last year, which I love and still use all the time when i’m doing a full face-beat, but I had never used their sponge before. Maybe a month or so ago, my sisters and I were in Target and naturally we stopped at the beauty isle and i decided it was time i tried RT’s sponge!

I’ve heard mixed things about it – and since I am a hardcore beauty blender lover, user and advocate – i didn’t know if this would be a comparable sponge.  I was pleasantly surprised by it for the most part though! I know there are plenty of posts out there comparing these two, but i figured i’d share my two cents here as well…

Marielle's Meadow

  • The first few uses and first few weeks with the RT sponge – i was not totally wow-ed by it.
  • I did like the bigger size of it, which allowed for more area to be covered each time you got it to your face, but i felt it was hard for concealer and getting it in the crook of my under eye area – so i was not sold on it!
  • For a full face though, the large/fatter size is helpful to cover more area and does a decent job of blending
  • I still don’t think it is the ‘softest’ feel though. The BB is much softer, especially when it’s dampened, so i didn’t like that about the RT sponge. It just has an overall more rougher feel to it.
  • I also felt like i had to dampen the RT sponge a few times under water to get it to be nice and ‘sponge’-like and work well for me.
  • The best things about this sponge is definitely it’s affordability, availability and basic use

The Beauty Blender on the other hand, i feel is best for:  

  • Applying and blending out foundation – it’s quicker due to the texture and the fuller coverage of BB is more flawless in my opinion!
  • Blending out concealer under the eyes – the tip of the BB is smaller making it more precise for harder areas to get like under eyes.
  • Best Sponge for blending in cream contour – because of it’s bouncy texture it blends in contour quickly and with ease. There are no streaks on the face at all.

Overall? I think i still love my Beauty Blender more than this RT sponge. I am loyal to it, but i have realized that using the RT sponge for daily makeup use is the best use of it. That way, for fancier or more face-full beats, i can use the BB and preserve it longer. The BB is more pricey and the RT is the best alternative for it.

But that’s my plan! RT for daily, BB for fancy! I think it’s the best compromise and uses of both!

What do you guys think of beauty sponges? If you’ve used either of these or both, i’d love to hear what you think of them!

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  1. May 4, 2017 / 8:18 pm

    I’ve never used a legit beauty blender, I just can’t get myself to spend $20 for a sponge aha so the RT sponge is my go to(: love it and great post!

    • May 5, 2017 / 7:59 am

      Haha i was the same for a long time, but once i splurged it was worth it! But yes, RT is still a great option! Thanks!! 🙂

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