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Today’s post is all about our favorite activity – sleeping. 

I’ll discuss some of my tips and beauty items i use on the daily to achieve the best sleep possible!

  1. Put that phone away – we’re all guilty of it. But they say the blue light from our phones affects our sleep and gives brain the signal of being awake, rather than getting ready for bed. I try my best not to look at my phone before i sleep but more often than not, i fail. Some tricks i’ve tried are – putting my phone away from my bed stand or charge across my room. Not only will it get it far from me, my alarm will actually wake me up and make me cross the room to turn it off
  2. Don’t go to bed on full stomach – Again, we’re all guilty of this. I’ve developed a habit of walking around my house (mostly kitchen and family room) after i have dinner for a good 20 minutes or so each night. I feel way less full and actually feel ‘digested’ before i get ready for bed. Going to sleep full can make you feel uneasy all night and probably when you wake up too!
  3. Having the right mattress – How many of us are actually getting the proper bed for sleep? Most of us are not. Sleep should not cause any body pains or aches when you get up. Something like the Leesa mattress is something definitely worth checking out! They are one of a kind offering great support to your body to get the right sleep!
  4. Having the perfect bed/night time routine – Here are some of my go-to products i use at night or evening before bed time.
  • Pink head wrap – i picked this up from TJ Maxx back in the fall time as i was waiting in line. It’s perfect for wrapping around your forehead or front of hair, to keep it from getting wet while you wash your face. Sometimes i wear it when i’m doing full glam too to keep my hair out of getting in the way of makeup!
  • Next, i’ll use the Garnier Micellar Water which i’ve featured plenty of times before on the blog. It’s really the best and gentle method of taking off makeup and dirt from your face.
  • Then, i’ll use any of my various face washes or scrubs to get the dirt out of my face. Origins Charcoal mask is one option, or the Clean & Clear Daily Pore Cleanser is another option. Both great for whatever you are looking for!
  • And lastly, end with lotion or moisturizer to keep skin hydrated and soft over night.

And that’s all! Just some of my tips and go-to products for night time routine! What are yours?

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