Hi Everyone!

Today’s post is going to be a little different than the usual fashion-beauty-lifestyle posts on the blog. I wanted to do a chit-chatty type, life update – kind of post today!

Not really sure why, but i had a pretty good weekend and now my heart feels so full and i feel really blessed to have some amazing friends and family, alH.

I got to see some of my old high school friends for dinner on Friday night after a few months, which was nice and always good time catching up. I went to a bridal shower for a college friend on Saturday evening, which wasn’t the most enjoyable experience but oh well. And Sunday was the best, i went up to NYC to visit my best friend of life (we’ve been friends since 6th grade), and it was a super chill day of food and fresh air.

Whenever i have super busy weekends, i always love them and they tend to fly by the fastest! Weekends when i’m busy all three days in a row is rare and seeing all sets of friends in one weekend is also rare so i’ll probably have a dry spell for a bit now in terms of busy as ever weekends and seeing my friends. Which is fine! This upcoming weekend should be busy too, in terms of seeing some friends, going to a 1st birthday party and packing!

It’s crazy to believe that more than half of July and 2017 is over – this year is just flying by. I say that every year though, ha! But no, it’s kind of crazy how quickly time is moving gah!

Now more of my life/chit-chat update:

  • Some great alH progress in terms of my personal/relationship life – more to come in the next few months/year iA.
  • School is still killer, but i can see the light at the end of the tunnel. IA just a year or less left at this point.
  • Of course, even though some good things are mA happening for certain people in my extended family, others are in quite a tough place and i pray that they find ease, get the patience they need to see these tough life moments through, and that ultimately whatever is meant to happen for them, happens.
  • I will be taking a blogging break now after this post most likely to mid August. I’m about to travel at the end of this month for about 10 days to California for my closest cousin/sister I never had’s wedding. Still not hitting me that it’s happening and it’s so close – but IA should be a good time. Stay tuned for full outfit blog posts + details when i return. Follow me on Instagram to get the sneak peeks at everything as it happens!
  • I’m also considering a full blog re-vamp and potentially going self-hosted soon. I’ve been so on/off about this for like 6 months now – but i’m hoping after my vacation, i can really figure out the logistical details and go for it. Let’s see…let me know if you’ve gone self hosted and how your experience has been!

Let me know what you guys would like to see in terms of blog posts when i return. I will do a wedding post to show you all my outfits – but after that, let me know what type of things would be interesting to see!

Also here’s the full outfit from my previous post – i loved this top so I had to share this look! It’s so perfect for spring/summer time and the colorfulness really brightened my day! The sleeves are the most fun part, being cut differently and kind of like ‘cap style’. Perfect for work or a night a out.  I got this from Loft as well and I can definitely say that they are my new favorite store to shop at for clothing!

FullSizeRender (5)

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Until next time, XOX


  1. July 21, 2017 / 1:55 pm

    Let me know how self hosting goes! Excited to see the wedding posts! Good luck!

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