Planning Your Trip to Cancun, Mexico

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I’m currently sitting in a local coffee shop, Common Grace Coffee Shop in Dearborn here. I’ve been meaning to come here for the last two weeks and write this blog post. But for some reason or another, or the endless excuses i make for myself, i didn’t get around to it today. And i’m glad my husband pushed me to come today while he sleeps after his night shift, because i’m getting really bad again with doing things on my own, for myself, when i want.

So let’s get on with this post. As we are in the peak of winter now, i’m sure everyone wishes they were in a warmer place or could vacation to one. I know I am! But no plans for us to visit anywhere warmer for now.

The husband and I honeymooned in Cancun, Mexico and it was the best vacation we’ve had so far (also the only trip we’ve taken together so far, so lol). Not only is Mexico a great honeymoon relaxation place, it’s great for anyone who’s looking for a getaway that’s not too far away, and affordable.

So in this post, i’ll share with you how we planned for our trip, where we stayed and what all we did etc!

My husband took the lead in terms of booking our place to stay and all those details, and i worked on booking our flight tickets.

Overall we knew we had about a week in between the wedding and moving to MI, so for 5 days we booked our honeymoon trip. I would say it was the perfect amount of time.

We also tried to have a realistic budget in mind, and at the end of the trip after all/any additional things we added on or bought, our total for the trip came near $3,000. A chunk of that was the hotel + flight and then the activities we added on.

  1. Where we stayedFinest Resorts at Playa Mujeres It was an all inclusive resort, and I would highly recommend (especially if this is your first time visiting Mexico) to stay at an all inclusive. We researched few different resorts, their all literally in 1 row on the island, but vary with pricing and what all is offered but the differences are pretty minor.
  2. Staying at an all inclusive, means that all of your food is included. Including room service! There were about 12 restaurants on site at the resort, and we never had to worry about food. Each day we tried two different places to eat and were not disappointed by any of the places really. Staying at this resort really cut down on any worry about food and allowed us to focus on having fun and relaxing.
  3. We also booked the junior suite since it was our honeymoon and we wanted to treat ourselves, and their service was top notch. The hotel staff took good care of us, made sure we had everything we would need and called us periodically through our stay to ensure we were satisfied. Our room had a Jacuzzi which was a nice touch, as well as a balcony view of the resort and ocean, and since it was our honeymoon we were receiving free chocolate treats every evening in our room. All of these were just bonus additions that made our trip even more memorable and relaxing!
  4. What we did: The resort offers a lot of different activities on the beach as well. Those cost extra, but were worth it. So we did jet-skiing and parasailing and it was SO fun! The beach water is so perfectly blue and the sand is so perfectly white, so we spent part of two days relaxing at the beach seats and enjoying the view while sipping our fruity drinks and playing Jenga.
  5. Visiting Chichen Itza: This was our only day excursion trip during the trip. We planned it for the Wednesday which was right in the middle of our trip, and it was a full day event. Chichen Itza is the Mayan city featuring some historical sites, we booked this through our hotel and was an additional $140 for the two of us. But it allowed for us to visit a different part of Mexico and learn some history. The transportation picked us up at the hotel around 7am, and it was a group of maybe 10-12 of us who went on this day trip. It was about a 3 hour drive from the resort, and we returned around 6pm.
  6. The weather was spectacular too! It rained the first day we got there, but after that it was clear. We also went the first week of September, and it wasn’t overly crowded or filled with college kids, so i’d suggest planning during an off-peak time so you can really enjoy.

We had a fabulous time! I’d highly recommend this for a honeymoon or a vacation or a quick get-away. It would be a great trip for couples or families alike! Obviously, you can really cut costs down if you don’t stay in the fanciest suite or spend money on the activities, but overall it made for a great trip!

Have you ever been to Mexico or Cancun? I’d love to hear about your trip!

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Until next time, XOX Peep my bridal mehndi still going strong here lol 

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