Weekend Trip to Cleveland, OH!
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Hi Friends!

Today’s post is going to be all about our quick weekend getaway trip to Cleveland, OH! Since we live in Metro-Detroit, Cleveland is one of the many places we can go for a road trip/quick getaway. We have
plans to road trip to a lot of the neighboring states while we live here, so I can’t wait to explore

The drive to Cleveland is about 2&1/2 to 3 hours from us. My husband had a whole weekend off, so he
planned this trip completely! It was super fun and a perfect little getaway for us. It also coincided with
our almost 6-month wedding anniversary, so we just made it our little celebratory weekend too.

Where did we stay: So one of the tourist attractions of downtown Cleveland is this thing called
The Cleveland Arcade its definitely a site to see, so if you’re going to OH make sure to check it out!

We stayed at the Hyatt which is connected to that.
It’s perfectly located, because on both sides of
the hotel/arcade, you can walk right out onto downtown.

What we did:

  • Since our time was limited, we jam packed our day with food, site seeing and
    adventure. Just the way I like it!
  • When we first arrived, it was early, and we couldn’t check into the hotel until 3pm or
    after. So, we ate lunch at this Chaat place because my husband was really feeling
    Indian food. It was decent, and this restaurant is located on one side of downtown on
    Cleveland State University’s campus. So we walked around that area a bit and then
    explored Cleveland Public Square which is a major part of downtown.
    They have this huge chandelier hanging in the middle of the square too which is neat to
  • There are plenty of museums to also explore. We were torn between the Cleveland
    Museum of Art or Cleveland Museum of National History and we ended up going with
    the Cleveland National History Museum  we spent about an hour in there or so and it was cool to see all the exhibits they have there.
  • After that we finally checked into the hotel, which was super cool architecturally
    because of its location inside the Arcade. We decided to go to a coffee shop after we
    settled in, because we love finding coffee shops! There were a few options walking
    distance in downtown Cleveland, but we went with Pour Cleveland because we loved the vibes of the place!
  • Then we did the most exciting activity of our trip! Tobogganing! It was our first time
    trying this, and we were excited to find Cleveland Metroparks which was just a 20ish
    minute car ride for us outside of the city. It ended up being after sundown that we
    went, around 6pm or so, but it was still so exciting.
    Cleveland MetroParks I’d highly recommend checking this place out! They have more
    activities throughout the year too for you to try. It’s quite cheap too, and this price
    allows you to go multiple times/unlimited amounts of times. We went 3 times and each
    time it was so fun!
  • We were super tired and famished after this though, so we made our way back to
    downtown for dinner. My husband picked a really cool spot for dinner, which was packed and there was a wait (typical for a Saturday night downtown place). But it was
    so worth it! If you’re into tacos or Mexican places – check out Barrio Tacos
    you will not be disappointed! It’s a build your own taco type place, and they have some
    cool offerings. It’s also affordable, so you get all the best in this place!

And that was our whole day in Cleveland! We were SO tired after this day but spent the night nicely at
our hotel. In the morning, we headed towards the West Side Market which is another part of
Cleveland downtown. We had breakfast at West Side Market Cafe which is attached to
the market, and they had pretty good offerings for a typical breakfast place.

There were some nice shops and coffee shops and surrounding areas to walk around, but unfortunately
it was so windy on this Sunday that we couldn’t take advantage of that. But for sure will next time!

Lastly, we drove by the A Christmas Story Housestory house so if you’ve ever seen that
movie – you should check this out! They have a tour and all too, but we didn’t do any of that. Just
wanted to see it to say we saw it.

And that’s a wrap for our weekend in Cleveland! It was well worth it even though it was a bit tiring. I
would want to visit it again, maybe in the warmer months.

Have you ever been to or visited Cleveland? Would love to hear your thoughts on it and what all you did

Until next time, XOX

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