Weekend Trip to DC!

Hi Friends!

Can’t believe it’s been 3 months since I posted on here. I definitely struggled to blog post this year. It felt like nothing happened but at the same time a lot happened this crazy year of 2020.

This will obviously be my last blog post of the year but hopefully next year I can get back to posting a bit more.

We took a very spontaneous trip to DC last weekend, the quickest trip we’ve ever decided and booked on so far in our marriage. LOL the thrills. My husband has some med-school friends in the area that were getting together this weekend, and since hasn’t seen them in 1.5 years, he wanted to go. So we made a nice weekend trip out of it. Here’s a quick recap and covid-safe things we did:

We arrived late friday night, flew into Regan int’nl (first time at this airport for both of us, it was nothing special) and we took an uber to our hotel Yours truly and it was a super cute hotel! Very modern and different type of aesthetic in the decor and the rooms. But very conveniently located, only 12-15 mins from airport and all the main sites of DC.

The next day, we spent with my husbands med school friends. We started off with brunch at brunch and this place had outdoor tent seating with heaters. The food was just OK we thought and could have probably picked another location but oh well. It was in Georgetown area so we took a nice stroll over by the water after.

Then, me being the basic b that I am, wanted to check out Philz because we don’t have that here in MI yet and i’ve been seeing it so much on social media. We picked it up to go and took it to the washington monument. It was worth the try!

We went to the Washington monument and basically spent the rest of the evening on this side of DC. SO MUCH WALKING! Legit 8+ miles lol to the capital building where they have a nice christmas tree set up. We also rented scooters for a bit (my first time) and that was so fun.

After all that walking we were famished so we went for dinner at a desi place. Food was pretty good and some good conversations with the friends before heading back to the hotel for the night.

The next morning was Sunday and our last day there. We had this day just to ourselves so we started off the day by checking out ARTECHOUSE exhibit. This was the only thing I really planned myself and got us tickets to before hand. It was cool but definitely a bit too small and pretty quick to get through so that’s a bummer but it was neat.

After that we got breakfast right by our hotel, at Tatte. It was right across our hotel and looked vibey so we had to check it out. Food was very unique and kind of mediterranean vibes and we loved it. So definitely check it out if you can!

Then we walked (again a lot of walking this trip, which was great but our legs were so sore) to Dolcezza and again another find because i’ve seen it a lot on socials. Super yum gelato. That area was nice and bougie and close to the white house so we walked there, but they have ridiculous construction and blocked off areas so you legit cannot see the WH at all. SMH.

Then we went back to the hotel and grabbed our stuff and headed to the airport! It was super quick trip but honestly a nice break after a few months and just felt good to get away. My husband and I both have family in the MD/VA areas so anytime we come to DC in past its been with families and never properly done or stayed in the city, so it was nice to see it on our own.

Hope everyone has a great holiday season now and Happy new year!

Until next time, XOX

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