Life Update!

Hi friends, it’s been a long time!

Life has changed quite a bit recently, so amid things I’ve again put my blog to the backburner. Hopefully now that things are finally somewhat in a routine, I can get back to writing here again.

We’ve moved! We left the good ol’ state of Michigan in June and moved back to NJ. We’re closer to family but still about an hour away, we’re in north jersey which is very different than where we both grew up in central NJ. Still following the married to medicine train and the journey continues. Husband began fellowship (another 3 years of training l o l) in NYC, so we are close to the city now too.

It’s been an adjustment moving ‘back’ lots of pros and cons as with any move. I do miss MI from time to time, the halal food scene was incredible, and I miss that and my friends the most.

There’s plenty to explore and experience out here too, but it feels differently because I guess we’re close to family so that impacts your life quite differently. We’re expected to be at a lot more family events and that cuts into our time together for sure. We’re managing both our family/parents’ expectations of us, which is the biggest challenge, but Alhamdulillah it’s been fine for now.

We’re falling back into good routines during the week for now, between work and household chores as well as keeping up with TV and reading books and just our own ‘me’ time. it’s helped us as we’ve transitioned to feel like this is our new normal life.

So that’s the update for now! Hope to be back soon with some good new content!

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